PA offers comprehensive services to meet all your property needs. Our wide-ranging services include property valuation, sales and leasing, project marketing, property management consultancy, corporate advisory and research & consultancy. Our experience covers all kinds of real estate including residential, commercial, industrial and leisure properties as well as plant and machinery assets.


We provide independent valuation services of all kinds of real estate for various purposes. Presently, we are on the panel of valuers for a number of financial institutions and provide valuation services to many corporate clients such as conglomerates, government agencies, public sector entities, developers and investors. Our team of experienced valuers frequently conduct valuations for purposes of loan, accounting, acquisition, foreclosure, information, sale, and submission to Securities Commission.


Our dedicated real estate agency team is committed to providing comprehensive sales and leasing services for various kinds of properties. We provide tenant or landlord representations in lease negotiations, as well as assist in marketing properties to secure suitable purchasers. Our wide-ranging clients include multinational corporations, business enterprises, property developers, investors and owners. Many of our clients have benefitted tremendously from our extensive market knowledge, vast experience and high service levels when engaging our services in strategic planning and marketing as well as transaction management.


Our expertise and extensive market knowledge can be an instrumental tool in the success of a development project. Our wide-ranging services provided by our professional project marketing consultancy team begin from the launching of a particular project to its successful completion. With a thorough understanding of the project and current market trends, our team can provide a detailed marketing management plan comprising site identification, feasibility studies, design layout, pricing, project launching schedule, as well as advertising and promotion strategies, in order to ensure the successful sale and/or leasing of the project as a landmark development.


Our professional team is dedicated to enhancing the value of your property. We are committed to providing professional property management solutions including tenancy management, management administration and physical building maintenance. Our dedicated in-house team adopts a customer-focused and client-oriented approach, supported by cutting-edge technology and professionally trained staff.


This team works towards providing customized real estate solutions for multinational corporations who are looking to meet business objectives and improve operational results via real estate. We offer tailor-made solutions via strategic planning, valuation advisory, portfolio and trend analysis, liaison procedures, and other innovative methods in ensuring that our clients unlock the true value of their portfolio.


This division provides core real estate information to clients and internal departments in order to ensure accurate real estate decision-making. Our research team has completed research work for various ongoing development schemes within Klang Valley, providing comprehensive economic analysis, property market information, forecasts and consulting advice based on reliable sources. We constantly strive to present the most up-to-date market knowledge in order to ensure clients are well-armed with sufficient data to make the right property decisions.


Our team comprise several qualified auctioneers within Malaysia who are able to service this business. Auctions are a limited business within Malaysia at present owing to the market perception of the auction process. However we are endeavour to develop this aspect of the business in order to meet the increasing interest in public and private auctions in the market.